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Gadgets, Gears, and Goggles - Adventures in Steampunk Design 
27th-Aug-2012 04:00 pm

Every year, just after Halloween, I tell myself that I will start working on a Halloween costume months before October. Every year I wait til the last week in September before I decide on something and stress myself out trying to put it together. This year, I've finally gotten a headstart. 

Last year Eric and I were an awesome couples costume of Custer and an indian. We have tried to come up with a better couples costume this year, but out of laziness and lack of motivation/funds we decided not to try and outdo last year. He's decided he wants to be BeetleJuice, mostly because I pointed out how his hair slightly resembles BJ's right now. I'm going with a steampunk costume, because I figured I could just slightly alter one of my Victorian dresses from the Marshals, only I'm getting totally out of control inspired. 

After explaining steampunk to my dad, he got really excited and is sort of engineering this whole costume. Right now he's working on a Nerf Mod, which is a Nerf gun altered to look steampunk. He's so excited, and actually really good at coming up with ideas. We're considering trying to open an Etsy shop after he's done, to see if he can sell some of the things he comes up with. 

There's a lot on the internet to use as reference, especially on Pinterest, except I haven't had much luck finding a picture of a steampunk parasol. The only thing I've found is the cover of Gail Carriger's novel Soulless, so I went with it. It's still incomplete, but I sent the image of my parasol to Gail and she loved it. Which made me giddy because I love when authors (or any kind of celebrities) are easy to talk to. 

Click to englarge
Keep Scrolling for Image of Completed Parasol

On the handle I cut and painted a dental floss container, and glued a glue stick top to the side for the tube to connect to. The tube is just wire conduit that I bought from Autozone. Most of these things we've found at home. We're going to accessorize the handle boxes a lot more, with gears, tubes and nobs.

Dad is going crazy with ideas, so much so that he has to draw them all out or else he forgets. I'm really excited to see how it looks once it's finished. 

Also for the costume, he's planning a cool double belt holster/shoulder strap. It's still in it's idea stage, so no photos of that.
I've bought a hat frame and fabric for a cute mini steampunk victorian hat. It's still sitting on my desk though because as it turns out cutting and fitting fabric is fucking hard. If you enlarge the image below you will see the two fabrics I've chosen. The plain blue fabric will be for the brim while the pattern will be for the crown. It will also be accessorized with gears and tubes and fun steampunk stuff. 


Lastly, for now, I've been designing hair clips. So here's a picture of that. 

Edit: moar Steampunk!

The complete Parasol

(I added some more gears and I plan on dry brushing the octopus because I don't like how shiny it is in comparison.)


Nose Stud


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